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Scotch BonBons x 2 (24g each)

Monate Chocolate

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Scotch BonBons x 2 (24g each)

Monate Chocolate Scotch Bonbon This boozy Bonbon has a devilishly decadent centre infused with scotch whiskey, surrounded in dark 83% Tanzanian cocoa. Using the best, ethically sourced, whole raw ingredients Monate Chocolate handcraft gorgeous, guilt free chocolates that are good for you and the environment.
This bonbon is sweetened only with blue agave nectar and enhanced with a pinch of Himalayan salt, free of refined sugar, gluten, wheat, dairy, additives, preservatives and any other artificial ingredients, just pure raw real soul superfood. Description: Cacao content: 83% Monate dark chocolate hand-dipped to enrobe a 70% soft infused boozy ganache-like chocolatey centre with scotch whisky. 
centre enrobed in 83% dark chocolate. From the ganache-like sumptuous soft inside to the decadently pure dark coating, they’re made from whole, ethical and organic cacao so it’s a treat that’s not only yum but healthy and so good too. 
Artisan hand crafted with organic, raw, single origin Tanzanian cocoa. Ethically sourced chocolate that’s good for you and the environment. Vegan Dairy Free Gluten free GMO free Preservative-free Certified organic ingredients Organic, Raw cacao is exponentially high in antioxidants and natural mood enhancing phytochemical Free of refined sugar – sweetened with xylitol Luxury, artisanal, hand crafted dark chocolate - made in micro batches Bean-to-Bar

Ingredients: Raw cacao beans, raw cacao powder, virgin cold pressed coconut oil, Agave nectar, Scotch Whisky, Himalayan sea salt, antioxidants, all natural, 100% raw love.