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Raw Saurkraut (375g)

Irene Gourmet

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Raw Saurkraut (375g)

GMO Free

With all the fantastic health benefits and delicious pickled taste of raw naturally fermented vegetables, Irene’s Gourmet Kimchi and Sauerkraut are wonderful products to add to your daily diet. It can be enjoyed as is, added to salads, used as a pickle on crackers with creamy cheeze, on top of a baked potato.....the possibilities are endless.

The cabbages are organic and I use only Himalayan salt. No added preservatives or anything artificial.

Regularly eating raw naturally fermented veggies will build your immune system, sort out your gut by populating it with lots of beneficial bacteria, it is rich in anti oxidants and many more benefits.

So, in conclusion, give your body a good boost by introducing Raw Naturally fermented veggies into your diet. They are delicious, nutritious and sooo good for you!


Contains: cabbage and Himalayan crystal salt
100% Vegan and Gluten Free