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Fresh Regular Tofu 1KG (5 x 200g blocks)

Fresh Regular Tofu 1KG (5 x 200g blocks)

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Fresh Regular Tofu (5 x 200g blocks)

This type of tofu is used primarily in Asian dishes. It is a little more compact than silken but still soft. Regular tofu easily soaks up the flavours of sauces and broths and so is often used in noodle soups and stews. You can also make delicious spreads using regular tofu, or ‘scrambled’ tofu, a vegan take on scrambled eggs. Don’t pan-fry or deep-fry regular tofu as it is likely to crumble - for that we have frozen tofu available.

100% Vegan

Can be frozen: The texture of regular tofu changes once frozen. Freezing gives tofu more of a "bite" -- simply defrost for 2 days or so in the fridge, then squeeze out the excess water (you may find putting the tofu between two plates in your sink and putting a heavy can on top helps to drain the tofu more completely). Please note the color will change from white to more of a beige color once frozen. But the flavor does not change.

Lasts 5 days in fridge.

*Shipments outside Gauteng will be frozen unless requested.