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10 Things You Should Know If Stopped By The Traffic Police

 · Adhere to the rules: If there's a rule it had to be followed, no exceptions. Make sure you try to look at it with this perspective. Can traffic police stop you for no reason in India? Well, yes. A traffic officer's main job is to ensure safety on the road and to make sure that every vehicle that plies on the road is following the rules.

The Psychological Influence Of The Police Uniform | …

 · The History of Police Uniforms. The police uniform is a tradition as old as the field of law enforcement itself. In 1829 the first modern police force, the London Metropolitan Police, developed the first standard police apparel. These first police officers, the famous "Bobbies" of London, were issued a dark blue, paramilitary-style uniform.

LAW OF ARREST - Law Commission of India

 · to emphasise the width of the power. It may be true that the satisfaction of the police officer contemplated by the expression "if it appears to such officer" is not subjective but is objective but in India, police officers making a wrongful arrest whether under section 41 or 151, are seldom proceeded against – much less punished.


 · mount objective of unity and integrity of India as resolved by the People of India in the preamble could be achieved only when Article 44 is transformed into enforceable Uniform Civil Code [6]. In India, secular laws like Special Marriage Act 1954, already exists. This law governs members of all the religions whether Hindu, Muslim, Parsi ...


 · (10). No vest carriers are to be worn with the Class A uniform. b. CLASS A - NON-SWORN UNIFORM PERSONNEL: Formal dress uniform; must be worn on occasions designated by the Chief of Police, or at the employee's discretion in lieu of the Class B uniform. (1). Long sleeve light blue uniform shirt. (2). Long dark blue uniform pants. (3). Dark ...

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Acts & Rules: The IPS officers are governed by the Rules & Regulations framed for All India Services officers by the Department of Personnel & Training which is the nodal authority for AIS.

Independence Day 2021: 18 Laws and Rights must be …

 · 18 Laws and Rights must be known to every Indian. 1. Motor Vehicle Act 1988, section -185, 202:- At the time of driving if your 100ml. blood contains more than 30mg. of alcohol then the police can ...

Is there any employees' uniform-related policy and rules ...

2. Hi Anuradaa, Yes definetly every company should have certain rules and regulations. A policy should be made and keep update for future references. 1. When any employee given a uniform, first thing the eligibility (who is going to be included). Like Grade / Cadre. 2. when he will be eligible (after 1 month of joining or six months of joining)

(PDF) Uniform guidelines for postmortem work in India

PDF | On Jan 1, 2013, Om P Murty published Uniform guidelines for postmortem work in India | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate


 · issued by the Commissioner of Police for the good and efficient administration of Greater Bombay Police Force had to be incorporated in the Manual, and at the same time, the various rules and regulations framed by the Inspector General of Police under his rule-making-power made applicable to Greater Bombay as well.

Code of Conduct For The Police In India

 · The guidelines for the code of conduct for the police were issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and communicated to Chief Secretaries of all States/ Union Territories and Heads of Central Police Organizations on July 4, 1985. 1. The police must bear faithful allegiance to the Constitution of India and respect and

The Indian Police Act and Police Reform in India - iPleaders

 · "Independent India must choose whether we will have a people's police or a ruler appointed police, or in other words whether the people should rule or whether the parties should rule.The Constitution has laid down that the people should rule, so the police must also be the people's police" – Khosla Commission in 1968. It is the Constitutional duty of the State to …


 · Central Reserve Police Force is the oldest and largest Central Armed Police Force of India. It was the visionary leader and the first Home Minister of India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel who gave the Force its present name and laid its new foundation by …

Punjab Police Rules Volume 2

 · PUNJAB POLICE RULES VOLUME 2 CHAPTER 12 Appointments and Enrolments Rule 12.1 12.1. Authorities empowered to make appointments. - (1) Assistant Superinten-dents of Police are appointed by the Secretary of State for India, either in England or in India, according to the rules framed by him from time to time.

Police General Orders

 · 6. The following rules apply to woman police officers when wearing uniform:-(a) hair is to be kept neat and tidy and above the collar of the shirt; (b) cosmetics with the exception of coloured nail varnish may be used in moderation. 7. A police officer on duty in uniform shall not wear sunglasses or corrective spectacles

Punjab Police Rules Volume 1

 · a uniform standard of efficiency and the fullest co-operation between districts and branches of the force in the circulation of information and in action against criminals. To ensure that efficiency shall not be impaired by undue variation in methods or practice 2 Punjab Police Rules, 1934 Volume 1,


 · India Services Act, 1951 (LXI of 1951), the Central Government after consultation with the Governments of the States concerned, hereby makes the following rules, namely:- 1. Short title.- These rules may be called the Indian Police Service (Cadre) Rules, 1954. 2.Definitions.- In these rules unless the context otherwise requires,-

Military uniforms and the law of war

 · to the wearing of a military uniform. The question will be examined if the military uniform as a distinctive sign fulfils this requirement of the law of war. The prominence of the distinctive sign and its most important manifes-tation, the military uniform, was often also considered as an essential ele-ment of the definition of armed forces.


 · 148. Notification of rules and regulations in the Official Gazette and laying of rules and regulations. 149. Cesser of operation of certain enactments and savings. 150. Police force functioning in Delhi immediately before the commencement of this Act to be deemed to be police force constituted under this Act. 151.


 · 11.1THE INDIAN POLICE SERVICE (UNIFORM) RULES, 1954 In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) of section 3 of the All India Services Act, 1951 (LXI of 1951), the Central Government, after consultation with the Governments of the States concerned, hereby makes the following rules, namely:- 1.


 · 12.16 Medical examination of Police recruits 38-40 15.20 (1) Rules regarding the President's Police and Fire Services Medal 146-150 15.20 (2) Regulations relating to the Police Medal 167-170 18.49 (4) Stations at which escorts should be relieved 267-270 20.14 Rules under the Indian Arms Act 336-342


 · Chief of Police shall establish the police uniform and prescribe the requirements for wearing of the uniform and for the civilian dress of officers when on duty or off duty when acting in their capacity as a police officer for the department. Civilian employee attire shall be clothing which is approved by the Chief of Police as

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